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Structural Wrap LLC, more commonly known as WrapRoof, stops roofs from leaking by encapsulating, venting and heat-shrinking the entire roof system. We use state-of-the-art cameras and drones, which allows us to fully document the job at hand.

Our team will prepare the existing damaged roof to be wrapped before we cover the entire roof with our fire-retardant WrapRoof material and secure it firmly in place below the roof edge. The seams are heat-welded together, and the entire system is heated to shrink by approximately 30% so it floats slightly above the roof surface. Our system is warrantied for one year.

Core Competencies

  • Photograph roof damage
  • Apply WrapRoof film


WrapRoof stops all leaks and provides the best temporary roofing solution on the market. We work directly with business owners and organizations to get their roofs secured. Schools, high rises, multi-unit complexes, flat roofs, pitched roofs and most other projects can be quickly secured with the WrapRoof system. WrapRoof is heated to float slightly above the roof surface, prevents mold, is vented, is easily inspected and removed, and ensures that no further damage from roof leaks will occur.

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